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Whistleblower Regimes 


Gerry has worked with legal issues related to informers throughout his career.  He has provided key advice to government on Whistleblower policy and the practical issues that arise when compensating informers and shielding their identities.  He would be pleased to help you implement an effective Whistleblower policy and program to:


  • Support a Culture of Compliance;
  • Generate a deterrent effect;
  • Protect those who report from reprisal;
  • Enhance internal issue assessment and review;
  • Facilitate efficient resolution of internal issues;
  • Establish a clear track record of  Corporate Governance and Responsibility.


The days of the "Comment Box" style whistleblower system are gone.  And they should be.  It is easy and cost-effective to set up a simple, automated, anonymous (or not) and secure comment tool which can accept encrypted document uploads.  At the other end of the spectrum are live operator staffed systems which triage comments.  Great care must be taken, however to consider jurisdictional issues when operating in multiple geographic regions, as well as an approach to managing complaints that is cost-effective.  Some of the key issues in keeping costs under control are a) deterring vexatious complaints and b) setting up an appropriate screening system in order to avoid unnecessary investigations.