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"Tone from the Top" sounds great but it is only part of the puzzle. Ongoing training is essential to ensure that staff understand, remember and adopt the overall ethics and compliance message of your business. 


Gerry incorporates principles of adult accelerated learning into each of his thoughtful, persuasive and thorough training modules. Every business is different, and very often training should be tailored to specific functional areas or business lines, and will depend, for example, on whether senior management or one of the three lines of defence is the primary audience. 


Gerry has a long track record of teaching and training other professionals. He can deliver your message clearly in a way that respects your staff.  He focuses not only on the message but on making the training memorable, establishing private acceptance in the audience with the goal of generating real behavioural outcomes.  As an external voice, he can bring objectivity to your training regime. 


Principled training based on a defensible, Risk Based consideration of your business adds value by: 

  • Enhancing and supporting your overall internal program evaluation and measurement; 
  • Empowering staff to make smart compliance decisions with confidence, thereby reducing the chance of litigation, regulatory sanctions and reputational loss; 
  • Raising staff morale; 
  • Creating a clear and defensible record of the efforts made by your business to get things right, proactively;
  • Enhancing staff adoption of your policies;
  • Ensuring that your staff understand the regulatory environment in which they operate.  


Go beyond the “Tone from the Top”.  Through training, clearly send the message to all staff that your organization values, and if need be, will enforce:

  • Global Codes of Conduct and related policies;
  • Anti-harassment and other forms of misconduct;
  • Privacy, confidentiality and data protection;
  • A culture of compliance;
  • Anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing rules;
  • FINTRAC and the Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act and related legal reporting obligations; and 
  • Anti-Corruption, bribery and related legal rules such as the Canadian Corruption of Foreign Public Officials Act.