Our Defence Practice is Focused on Drinking and Driving and Related Charges. Period.




What people say about us:

All testimonials are from clients are anonymized.  All cases are unique.  Past performance does not predict future outcome in any case.

"Unsure of where to turn, I called Gerry and it is the best decision I could have made.  The criminal law system is so complex, and I felt alone and afraid.   As soon as I met with Gerry, his knowledge and expertise were immediately evident... He handled my case personally every step of the way.... At times I would be overwhelmed/confused regarding the complexities of the legal system, but with his guidance, expertise, and knowledge he helped me through the process... Since hiring Gerry, the stress in my life dropped and everything has gone in my favour (as Gerry predicted it would!). I highly recommend Gerry!" 

“When my kid was charged he was scared and we needed to fight the charge.  Hiring Gerry was a great choice.  He knew how to deal with the Crown. Despite a very strong case (caught on video), my son got no criminal record and can move on with his life.”

“Gerry retained me as an expert investigator regarding a highly sensitive matter for his client.  After many years as a police officer and a private investigator I was impressed with how he ensured the investigation was kept secure and privileged and focused on the issues in order to manage the client’s budget effectively and get to the conclusion effectively.”     - Garry Clement, Clement Advisory Group

“When I hired Gerry he brought calm, thoughtful and considered approaches to intense situations, and he used his deep experience as a crown to minimize my uncertainty about prosecutorial processes and strategies.”