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Gerry strictly focuses on areas where his expertise will add significant value. He won’t write your policies because other people can do that.  He focuses on why and how people will break your policies, and how they will hide their tracks.  He is driven to find ways to harden your targets and proactively deter those who would hurt you and your business. He adds strategic value because he has a keen sense of risk areas, and can enhance the capacity of your existing team by bringing an additional, experienced perspective to the process. 



Financial crime goes far beyond the simple issue of a bad actor extracting a benefit through unlawful means.  Today organizations need to be at least as concerned about:

  • Regulatory obligations to prevent and catch crime through internal controls, record-keeping, reporting; and
  • Reputational harm due to the reaction of shareholders, clients and the public to news that your organization is associated with illegal activity.  Unfortunately, these concerns can arise even where your business is the victim of a rogue element, or a subcontractor. 

Whether independently or in conjunction with your existing management, compliance or financial crime team, Gerry can craft an approach and a plan that can help reduce your exposure to financial crime and related risk areas. And when you are faced with a problem that involves reporting to government or regulatory authorities, Gerry can help you identify an appropriate way to take that step, and help you navigate the criminal or administrative justice system. 


There are many more software and service vendors in the fraud and financial crime area today than there were just a few years ago. Gerry’s approach to fighting fraud and financial crime is distinct in that it is rooted in prosecutorial experience and a deep understanding of the law of evidence.  Transaction monitoring and alerts systems  are like armor. Gerry will help you find the weaknesses in your armor, through the eyes of his experience gained as a prosecutor and as a regulator. 




Gerry can tap into his network of experienced professionals to help you find the right skill set to take on other aspects of your proactive financial crime planning.  This can include:


  • e-discovery and investigation into voluminous document sets, leveraging technology assisted review and machine learning;
  • civil litigation for asset recovery or pursue injunctions to preserve assets (Mareva Injunction), obtain a civil search warrant (Anton Piller Order), access information from a third party prior to litigation (Norwich Order), and access information about criminal prosecutions (Wagg Order); 
  • experts for litigation;
  • forensic accounting and/or audit services;
  • development and implementation of policy revisions.